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    LOCATION: Virtual
    REGISTRATION: Starting Online Nov. 30th
    NOTE: NOTICE: The Lethbridge TubaChristmas you tube link is listed below. VIRTUAL TUBA CHRISTMAS 2020 Lethbridge, AB, Canada Hello TubaChrismas Participant! Normally around this time of year, we’re out shopping for our Tuba, Euphonium, Baritone, and Sousaphone decorations for the event that has become the icon of the holiday season: TubaChristmas! Unfortunately, we can’t host the event as we have done in the years past, but that doesn’t mean we still can’t find a way to create music together in the spirit of the holidays and of mutual appreciation for low brass instruments! Once again hosted by the Lethbridge Community Band Society, TubaChristmas this holiday season will be held ‘virtually’! We have pre-recorded 4 of our TubaChristmas songs, and combined the parts with a metronome ‘click-track’. To participate, you will need to download the audio (link below) and then record yourself with both video and audio while listening and playing along to those tracks over a set of headphones. Submit those recordings to us, and we will then combine them all together to create a massive virtual TubaChristmas video for us all to share! As per other years, we would love to see you decorate your instruments! How do you join in the fun? 1. Download the tracks at this link ( https://uleth-my.sharepoint.com/:f:/g/personal/nick_sullivan_uleth_ca/Ev7Hx-vC08ZDoyMdHGO6j_MBIA3iyYieVlA1_ThKe0vUuw?e=cM8nFN). The PDFs also contain the parts for the 4 songs, and there is a simplified version of Jingle Bells if needed. 2. Test the play back of the audio tracks on a device that you can use with headphones. 3. Record yourself playing along with any mobile device! 4. Listen back to your recording to make sure you’re happy with it, but also if there is any loud spots where the device microphone cracks or clips (too loud moments). 5. Email nick.sullivan@uleth.ca or rene@destinyhomesinc.ca when you are done, and you will receive an email to submit your videos online. Deadline for Video Submission: Wednesday, December 9th Music Details: Jingle Bells: Play straight through, and include the 2 bars on the 2nd page listed as ‘Alt. Ending’. Do not cut those bars out. Silent Night: As Written Carol of the Bells: As Written We Wish You a Merry Christmas: Play the whole carol two times, but on the 2nd time we traditionally sing “We Wish you a TUBA Christmas’. We will sing that twice through (Yes, please sing on your recording!), then come in at the ‘B Section’ of the carol at pickup to Measure 17. Play to the end. If you have any questions on how to record, how you could submit, or other technical issues, do not hesitate to connect with Nick or René at the email above. You can also call or text René at 403 308 0688. We want to have you participate, and are looking forward to making TubaChristmas 2020 a ‘virtual’ reality! Finally, Thank you for the musical leadership Nick, and the recording and engineering work by Juan Añez Click track recorded by Nick Sullivan; Hana Hubley and René van de Vendel. Thank you so much, looking forward to hearing you all! René van de Vendel, LCBS The Performance will be ALL DAY. A time had to be entered for computer reasons. Participant registration fee is $10.00 U.S.
    CONDUCTOR: Nick Sullivan
    COORDINATOR: Rene van de Vendel 403-308-0688 rene@destinyhomesinc.ca
    WEB SITE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oqFFYCuEsKo

Thomas A. Phillips, President
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